the RDSP

The best government funded disability savings
plan in the world.

RDSP comes with many benefits

Free Money

$90,000 available in government disability matching grants and bonds.

Tax Free

Contributions, grants, and bonds grow tax free inside the RDSP.

Exempt Asset

Having a RDSP does not affect Provincial disability benefits.


Anyone can contribute to your RDSP for you to receive matching grants.

Save Taxes

Estate plans can transfer RRSP/RRIF amounts to RDSP tax free.

Savings (and spending!)

Long term savings in a RDSP means more for you to spend in the future.

Use our RDSP Advisor to see if you qualify

To Be Eligible:

 59 years of age or younger *
 Canadian resident
 Have a S.I.N.
 Qualify for the disability tax credit
*eligibility for grants and bonds only permitted to age 49.

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