November 4th, 2016

Our community partner Plan Institute will be hosting the third of the seven-part IMPACT-Ability Webinar Series.

On November 14th, our community partner Plan Institute, in partnership with Tamarack Institute, will be hosting the third of the seven-part IMPACT-Ability Webinar Series.

The topic will be Setting the Table for Allies, Adversaries, and Strangers, featuring guest Ben Ben Weinlick, founder of Think Jar Collective. He will be discussing how to foster dialogue and forge relationships to accomplish your goals.

Plan Institute will be live tweeting during the webinar using the hashtag #IMPACTability3 and would love it if you could join the conversation!

For an overview of the IMPACT-Ability series and a list of upcoming sessions, visit their website. You can register for this webinar series here.

If you have missed the first two sessions, you can listen to the Webinar with the following links.

Webinar #1

Webinar #2

Happy virtual learning!